Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Why nightclubs are horrible and beautiful.

Nightclubs are peculiar beings. What are they exactly? A place to dance? No. A place to have a good time? Not even. Their sole purpose is to be a meeting place for young men and women so they can bump uglies.

Nightclubs are awkward and uneasy places. They can be a confidence destroyer or confidence builder on any given night. But I hate them. I hate the music. I hat the contrived acts of romantic interaction. I hate the teases. I hate the people looking for fights. I hate the stupid dancing and the drunken eejits. I may sound bitter, I may sound like a killjoy but frankly, I don't care. They are horrible.

You may be intrigued by my title so then. If I hate them so much, why do I refer to them as ,in-part at least, beautiful? The reason is nightclubs are places of solitude and thought for me. I often find myself pondering some of life's great mysteries while 'Pitbull' or some other godawful rapper is blaring in my ears. I think about life. I wonder how relevant nightclubs are in life. I ponder male-female relationships. I think about great global crises and ways of solving them. In short, nightclubs offer me time and space to ponder these issues because luckily I am male and as such will not be pestered by dickheads wanting to finger me. No-one expects you to engage in deep thought while in a nightclub so I do. There's nothing else to do in the cunting places anyway.

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